You will never catch me paying an organization that I claim to dislike to hang around a bunch of people that I also claim to hate. You can line their pockets if you want, but overall, it’s a damn scheme. I wouldn’t be caught dead paying Principal Whoever-the-fuck’s rent with my damn dollars just to be around some ugly motherfuckers that can’t dress all night. I see you ugly fucks everyday, now you’re in tuxedos and cheap dresses…pigs in lipstick, all of you. All that, just to dance with the one person at that place that you actually enjoy being around? I’d sooner pull out a boombox and dance on my damn front lawn in a damn tanktop before I rent out a monkey suit and buy some tickets to some weak ass venue just to hear DJ Fuckboy Jonez play the Chicken Dance on repeat all night. 

John Harrison - Jean (Produced by Lake$) (demo)

this shit weak